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Western Sealant of Northern California

Why Eliminate Porosity?

  • To Prevent Leakage of Fluids and gases
  • To Prevent Plating Defects
  • To Increase Machinability
  • To Reduce Scrap and Increase Profits!

Impregnation is the fastest, most effective process for eliminating the inherent problems of porosity in cast and powdered metal.

Properly processed castings are clean and all spongebob games have no change in original nupro dog supplements appearance or dimensions. Castings can be impregnated in both unmachined parts, or fully machined parts. Although, in most cases, the best results occur with machines castings; maximizing the exposed porosity.

The physical seal in cool things about download diner dash 2 impregnated castings is permanent. Sealants will withstand pressures equal to mahjong games the Provillus structural integrity of the component. Our sealants are impervious to all but the most aggressive acids and caustics. In almost all cases, the parent metal will deteriorate long before the impregnate is affected.

Porosity can be caused by numerous factors in the design, tooling or pouring of castings and forming of P/M parts.

Porosity can change in size and shape throughout the casting wall. What is seen on the surface is seldom an accurate picture of what is inside.


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