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Western Sealant of Northern California

What is Impregnation?

A brief explanation of mahjongg artifacts 2 our process will help you to caralluma extract review understand how the sealant is impregnated into the pores of a part to effectively seal against leakage due to porosity.

Parts must be thoroughly cleaned prior to impregnation. All oil and other contaminants
must be removed from pores and surfaces to insure proper adhesion of impregnant. The parts are now ready for processing.

Parts are places in diner dash 2 game our special tanks (autoclaves) and useful facts about dog vitamins and minerals a vacuum pump is used to draw all of the air out of the tank so the sealant can penetrate into the pores of the part.

The sealant is then introduced into the tank. Air pressure (usually 100 P.S.I.) is applied, forcing the sealant deep into the pores of the part.

After a period under pressure the parts are removed from the tank and thoroughly cleaned, leaving the sealant in the pores only.

Parts are then cured and online free all new spongebob games inspected. Result...pores are completely filled with a tough, invisible, resilient material that will last as long as the part itself.


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